• May 22, 2024

10 times beautiful yellow flowering plants for the garden

Yellow and green is of course an almost unbeatable combination in the garden. Perhaps that is also because in our country we see those colors in almost every lawn and consider it natural. Below you will find some examples of plants with yellow flowers that also fit in your garden.

Yellow hollyhocks

Hollyhocks come in many colors, including soft yellow. Most Dutch people know the hollyhocks from Southern holiday countries where they grow against the white house and bloom profusely. In our gardens they also need the shelter of, for example, a wall or ornamental shrubs. After 2 years it is best to replace hollyhocks again because they are susceptible to rust fungus afterwards

Height: maximum 2 meters
When to sow hollyhock: autumn or spring
Flowering time: July to October
Latin name: Alcea
Type of plant: biennial garden bloomers
The original origin of the hollyhock is unknown. Botanists think of Siberia or China. In Europe, they were introduced to Spain by the Moors.

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